Empowering the Skies: India’s ‘Rocket Girls’ Shine on Republic Day


In a moment that encapsulates the spirit of Nari Shakti (Women’s Power), the Republic Day Parade in India witnessed a remarkable tableau featuring the renowned ‘India’s ‘Rocket Girls’ from the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO). As they gracefully waved to the crowd, the tableau, titled ‘Chandrayaan-3 – A Saga in the Indian Space History,’ celebrated the achievements of these women scientists and highlighted their pivotal roles in India’s space exploration journey.

The Parade Spectacle:

The tableau showcased the Shiv-Shakti Point on the moon, the Vikram Lander, and the Pragyan rover, symbolizing the scientific prowess of the women scientists. Among the crowd, 220 women scientists from ISRO, invited specially by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, added an extra layer of significance to the event. Nari Shakti was not just a theme; it was a living reality at this year’s Republic Day Parade.

India's 'Rocket Girls

India’s Progress Towards Gender Equality in Space Exploration:

The inclusion of women scientists in the tableau reflects a broader trend within ISRO – a commitment to breaking gender barriers. Chairman Shri S Somanath asserted that ISRO welcomes women to be part of the Gaganyaan astronaut corps and as mission specialists. While the first flight of Gaganyaan may initially have an all-male crew, plans are in place to include Indian women astronauts once women test pilots from the Indian Air Force become available.

Contrary to misconceptions about gender bias, Ms. Nigar Shaji emphasized in an interview with NDTV that at ISRO, there is no glass ceiling for women. She highlighted that talent is the only criterion that matters, dismissing any notion of gender playing a role in career advancement.

India's 'Rocket Girls

Pioneering ‘Rocket Girls’ at ISRO:

The remarkable achievements of ‘India’s ‘Rocket Girls’ at ISRO are a testament to the organization’s commitment to talent over gender. Ms. M Vanitha led the Chandrayaan-2 mission, while Ms. Thenmozhi Selvi K played a crucial role in developing the earth imaging satellite. OceanSAT. More recently. Ms. Kalpana K served as the deputy project director for the ongoing Chandrayaan-3 mission, showcasing the diverse and crucial roles women play at ISRO.

A Diverse Workforce at ISRO:

Mr. Somanath proudly states that approximately one-fifth of ISRO’s workforce consists of women. Efforts are continually being made to increase this number further. He reiterates that at ISRO, gender has no role in decision-making; only talent matters. The inclusive work environment at ISRO, where men and women work shoulder-to-shoulder, contributes to making India a proud space-faring nation.

Statistics from ISRO indicate that out of the 15,700-strong workforce. 17% are women in technical and scientific roles. And 34% are in administrative positions. This surpasses the national average for other science departments, which stands at 16.6%. The increase in women’s participation in scientific research in India is a positive trend. And ISRO is at the forefront of this shift.

India’s Journey Towards Gender Equality in Science and Technology:

India’s Science Minister, Dr. Jitendra Singh, acknowledged the need for greater gender balance in science and technology. He reported that while 16.6% of the total Science and Technology workforce in India is comprised of women. The overall participation. Including research. Auxiliary. And administrative roles. Is around 18.8%. The government is actively working towards achieving a more balanced representation of women in these fields.

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As the Republic Day Parade celebrated India’s military might and cultural heritage. The inclusion of the ‘Rocket Girls’ tableau stood out as a symbol of India’s progress towards gender equality in space exploration and scientific research. The achievements of these women scientists at ISRO exemplify the country’s commitment to recognizing and nurturing talent irrespective of gender. India’s ‘Rocket Girls’ not only reach new orbits in space but also inspire future generations. Proving that Nari Shakti can indeed bring peace and prosperity to new frontiers.

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