Content Correction Policy

Content Correction Policy

Content Correction Policy : At, our commitment to accuracy and transparency is paramount. While we strive for excellence in delivering reliable information, we acknowledge that errors may occur. When mistakes are identified, we take immediate action to correct them and maintain a high level of trust with our readers. This Correction Policy outlines the steps we take to rectify inaccuracies in our content.

Reader Reporting:

If a reader identifies an error in our content, we encourage them to contact our editor-in-chief, Emilee Wentland, directly:


Subject: Correction Needed

Please include the correction, the issue date or number, where the error was observed (print, online, etc.), your name, and a phone number or email address for contact. Providing the correct information and a source for verification, if applicable, is also appreciate.

Submitting a correction is an assurance that the identification error will thoroughly investigate, although it does not guarantee the issuance of a correction. Investigation:

Upon receiving a correction report, the editor-in-chief will conduct a comprehensive investigation using information from the reader, meeting minutes, reporter’s recordings, and other available sources.

Correction Issuance:

If an error is confirm, will issue corrections across all platforms where the inaccurate information was disseminate

Print: Corrections will publish on page 2A in the next issue. The correction will specify the issue, article, incorrect information, and the accurate correction. The online article will be updat with the correct information, and an editor’s note will  append at the bottom of the article, explaining the error and the correction.

Social Media: For articles shared on social media platforms controll by, a post will make linking to the correct article, including a note about the correction.

Communication with Reader:

Once the correction is implement, the editor-in-chief will reach out to the reader whom reported the error. This communication will provide details on the corrective steps taken.

Continuous Improvement:

At, we view corrections as opportunities for improvement. We appreciate our readers’ diligence in helping us maintain the highest standards of accuracy and reliability. Our commitment to transparency and excellence remains unwavering as we strive to deliver trustworthy news and information.