“s jaishankar first wife: A Personal Journey”

s jaishankar first wife

Introduction Dr. Subrahmanyam Jaishankar, fondly known as S. Jaishankar, is a distinguished figure in Indian politics and diplomacy, currently serving as the Minister of External Affairs for the Government of India. His journey from a young diplomat to a prominent leader reflects a commitment to public service and a passion for international relations. Early Life … Read more

“Chandigarh Poll Recount: Supreme Court Orders Vote Review”

Chandigarh Poll Recount

Introduction When it comes to democratic processes, every vote counts. This sentiment was put to the test in the aftermath of the Chandigarh Poll Recount mayoral election in January, where the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) claimed a surprising victory. However, controversy ensued when eight votes. All in favor of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). Were … Read more

Impact of Bharat Bandh: Farmers’ Protest and Nationwide Strike

Bharat Bandh

Introduction: In recent times. The socio-political landscape of India has been marked by significant movements and protests. With one of the most prominent being the ongoing farmers’ agitation. At the heart of this agitation is the demand for reforms in agricultural laws and guarantees for minimum support prices (MSP) for crops. Amidst this backdrop, the … Read more

“Unrest at Punjab-Haryana Border: Farmers’ ‘Delhi Chalo’ March Escalates”

Punjab-Haryana Border

Introduction The clash between farmers and authorities at the Punjab-Haryana Border has once again thrust the ongoing agrarian protests into the spotlight. As farmers mobilize for their ‘Delhi Chalo’ march, tensions escalate, resulting in tear gas being fired and chaotic scenes unfolding. Let’s delve into the events and underlying issues surrounding this latest flare-up. Background … Read more

“Ravindra Jadeja Family Controversy: Latest News Updates”

ravindra jadeja news

Introduction ravindra jadeja news. The esteemed Indian cricketer known for his exceptional skills on the field, recently found himself embroiled in a family controversy that made headlines across various media platforms. The controversy stemmed from allegations made by his father. Anirudhsinh Jadeja. Regarding the strained relationship between Ravindra and his wife. Rivaba Jadeja. With the … Read more

“Remembering Pulwama: 14 Feb Black Day in Indian History”

14 feb black day

Introduction On 14 feb black day 2019, India was shaken to its core by one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in its history. This tragic event, known as the Pulwama attack, resulted in the loss of 40 brave Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) personnel. The attack, orchestrated by the Pakistan-based terrorist group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM), sent … Read more

“Understanding the Team Thackeray Leader’s Tragic Murder”

Thackeray Leader

Introduction In a shocking turn of events, the peaceful corridors of Mumbai were shattered when Mauris Noronha, a prominent figure in the city’s social and political circles, allegedly shot and killed Abhishek Ghosalkar, a leader associated with Team Thackeray Leader. The incident, broadcasted live on Facebook, sent shockwaves across the nation, raising questions about the … Read more

“ExploringTruth: movie on godhra kand Incident”

movie on godhra kand

Introduction The tragic events of the Godhra train burning incident that occurred on February 27, 2002, in Gujarat, India, have left an indelible mark on the nation’s collective memory. Now, a film titled  that claimed the lives of 59 people aboard the Sabarmati Express. Background of the Godhra Incident Directed by M.K. Shivaksh, the teaser … Read more