“Jhansi Ki Rani: An Epic Poem on Rani Lakshmi Bai in English”


In the annals of Indian history. One name stands out prominently – Rani Lakshmi Bai. The valiant Queen of Jhansi. Who left an indelible mark with her unwavering courage and determination. Born as Manikarnika. She emerged as a symbol of resistance during one of the most tumultuous periods in Indian history – the First War of Independence in 1857. This article pays homage to the fearless warrior through a poetic lens. Narrating her extraordinary tale of bravery and sacrifice.

poem on rani lakshmi bai in english

Verse 1:

The Stirring Call to Freedom Thrones shook. Monarchs revolted. A new wave of youth swept through aged India. In 1857. The year of reckoning. Against the British rule. Swords unsheathed.

The Bandelas and Harbolas sang, Of a Queen, fierce as a lion in the Jhansi fort, Rani Lakshmi Bai, the embodiment of courage, A woman who fought, undeterred by the British onslaught.

Chorus: Poem on Rani Lakshmi Bai in English Khoob ladi mardani, woh toh Jhansi wali Rani thi, In poetic verses, her saga unfolds, a tribute to her memory.

Verse 2:

A Sister in Bond, A Warrior’s Heart To Nana Ghunghupant of Kanpur, she was dear, Laxmibai, the only daughter of her parents, A childhood with Nana, schoolmates in rebellion, Spear, knife, sword, axe – her lifelong companions.

She learned the tales of Shivaji’s valor, Bandelas and Harbolas echoed her courage, A sister to Nana, a warrior’s spirit within, Queen of Jhansi, destined for greatness.

Verse 3:

The Warrior Queen’s Martial Prowess Laxmi or Durga’s reincarnation, some would say, Her swordplay a spectacle in Marathward, War strategies honed, ambush her art, The goddess of Maharashtra, dear as Bhavani to her heart.

Marriage brought joy to Jhansi’s royal palace, Chitra met Arjun, a tale of celebration, But fate played its hand, and the palace darkened, A widow, her bangles replaced by the armor of battle.

Verse 4:

The Darkest Clouds over Jhansi Dalhousie’s delight at the king’s demise, An opportune moment to seize the throne, Soldiers raised the British flag, Jhansi orphaned, the Queen witnessed its fall.

The royal palace adorned in darkness, Her ornaments auctioned in Calcutta’s markets, A queen wept for her kingdom’s plight, Bandelas and Harbolas sang of her fight.

Verse 5:

From Royalty to Humiliation British rulers in disguise, cunning and cruel, Dalhousie extended his influence, Insults hurled at Indian nobility, The Queen assumed the guise of a maidservant.

First Delhi fell, then Lucknow, Peshwa imprisoned, Nagpur’s tragedy, Sindh, Punjab, Assam under British sway, Bengal, Madras, and more followed the same way.

Verse 6:

Rani’s Lament and the Sale of Honor The Queen wept for the nation’s plight, Her ornaments, royal clothes, a public sale, Advertisements in British newspapers, The royal pride auctioned to foreign invaders.

Cottages of the poor filled with grief, Royal houses reeked of insult, Brave soldiers yearned for the prestige of ancestors, Nana’s sisters called for a holy war.

Verse 7:

The Spark of Freedom A revolt ignited from the royal palace, Spreading like wildfire, a people’s uprising, Jhansi, Delhi, Lucknow, Merat in fervor, The echo reached Jabalpur and Kolhapur.

In the face of adversity, brave lives were lost, Nana Ghunghupant, Tantya, Azeemullah, Their sacrifice deemed a crime by the British, Bandelas and Harbolas sang of their valor.

Verse 8:

Battlefields and Martyrs The struggle continued, many martyrs emerged, Nana, Thakur Kunwar Singh, soldiers of the free, Their names etched in India’s ancient history, Yet, considered rebels by the rulers.

In the fields of Jhansi, Rani stood tall, Lieutenant Walker faced her wrath, Defeated, he retreated in disbelief, Bandelas and Harbolas celebrated her valor.

Verse 9:

Jhansi’s Triumph and Gawalior’s Freedom Rani advanced to Kalpi. A journey of hardship. Defeating the British at every turn. Controlling Gwalior. The Queen’s triumph. A victorious moment. The end of British rule.

Though freedom fighters rejoiced, The British army regrouped for another bout, General Smith faced defeat at the hands of the brave, Bandelas and Harbolas cheered for the Queen.

Verse 10:

The Final Battle – Rani’s Last Stand Kana and Mandra fought by her side. Hughrose’s betrayal. A British command. Surrounded by enemies. Rani stood. Her horse stuck. Outnumbered. Yet she fought.

Wounded and alone, she fought gallantly, Until, outnumbered, she succumbed, A glorious death in the battlefield, Martyrdom, her final destiny.

poem on rani lakshmi bai in english

Verse 11:

Immortalizing Rani’s Sacrifice Rani’s martyrdom. A divine journey. Her soul transcended to heavenly light. A true heir of divinity. A holy being, At just thirty. She left a legacy.

The people of India indebted to her sacrifice. Her life an everlasting symbol of freedom. History may falter. Truths may be suppressed. But Rani Lakshmi Bai. A beacon of courage.

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An Eternal Legacy Rani Lakshmi Bai. The epitome of courage and resilience. Left an indomitable legacy etched in the annals of Indian history. Her heroic saga. Intertwined with sacrifice and determination. Continues to inspire generations. poem on rani lakshmi bai in english. We revisit the stirring chapters of her life, celebrating the fearless warrior. Jhansi ki Rani.

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