Rahul Gandhi’s Yatra Faces Roadblocks as Assam Government Denies Permission

In a dramatic turn of events, tension has enveloped the city limits of Guwahati as approximately 5,000 Congress workers attempt to enter the city to continue the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra led by Rahul Gandhi’s Yatra Stopped By Cops. The Himanta Biswa Sarma government in Assam has. However. Denied permission for the Yatra to proceed through the arterial roads of Guwahati. The situation escalated as a sizable contingent of state police stood firm to prevent the Congress rally from making its way onto the city roads.

The state administration, citing it as a working day in Guwahati. Rationalized its decision by expressing concerns about potential traffic snarls if the Yatra were allowed to move through key city roads. Instead, they directed the Congress rally to take the national highway route as it continues its journey towards lower Assam. Congress workers were instruct to follow National Highway 27. Which acts as a ring road around the city.

Rahul Gandhi’s Response:

Speaking at the Guwahati city limits. Rahul Gandhi address the crowd, stating. “This is the same route Bajrang Dal walk. Nadda ji’s rally was also taken on the same place. There was a barricade, we threw the barricade, but we will not break the law. Don’t think we are weak; it’s the power of Congress workers.”

Gandhi expressed concerns about the alleged suppression of the people of Assam. Highlighting an incident where his planned student interaction in Meghalaya was canceled. He claimed that authorities were instructed not to allow students to meet him. But despite the obstacles. Students still managed to meet him outside the planned venue.

“My message is that Congress workers aren’t afraid of BJP-RSS; we’ll defeat them in Assam. I know the officers are being told to do their duty, but there should be justice. We are not here to fight you; we love you. We are here to fight the most corrupt CM Himanta Biswa Sarma of Assam,” he declared.

The Congress workers participating in the march accused the state administration of denying entry into the city on frivolous grounds. This adds fuel to the ongoing spat between the Congress and the BJP government in Assam. The Congress alleges that the Himanta Biswa Sarma government is deliberately creating hurdles in the yatra led by Rahul Gandhi, claiming relentless attacks on their convoys, properties, and leaders by the Chief Minister’s alleged goons.

Rahul Gandhi's Yatra Stopped By Cops

Dramatic Scenes in Guwahati:

The face-off in Guwahati follows yesterday’s dramatic scenes when Rahul Gandhi was barr from visiting the shrine of a 15th-century social reformer. The Congress leader had planned to visit the birthplace of Vaishnav saint Srimanta Sankardeva near Guwahati. Chief Minister Sarma urged Gandhi not to visit the shrine before the Ram Mandir ‘pran pratistha’ ceremony in Ayodhya concludes.

“I urge Rahul Gandhi to not create a notion that there is a competition between Ram Temple and Batadrava Satra because the TV channels will be flashing Ram Temple Pran Pratishtha ceremony on one side and him visiting Mahapurush Srimanta Sankardeva’s birthplace on the other side. This won’t be good for Assam,” Sarma said.

The shrine’s managing committee also stated that Rahul Gandhi would not be allow to enter before 3 pm. Causing further contention. Gandhi and his associates were stop on their way to the shrine. Leading to a dharna at the site of the roadblock. Party MP Gaurav Gogoi and Batadrava MLA Sibamoni Bora proceeded to the shrine and offered prayers.

In a subsequent media interaction, Rahul Gandhi expressed his belief in the philosophy of Sankardeva. “We, like him, believe in bringing people together and not spreading hatred. He is like a guru to us and gives us direction. So I had thought when I came to Assam, I should offer my respects to him,” he said. However. He express disappointment that while others could go. He was prevent from doing so. Alleging a sudden change in the shrine’s managing committee’s position.

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Overall Implications:

Rahul Gandhi’s yatra has faced additional roadblocks in the Meghalaya leg. Where an interaction with students at a university was cancel after local authorities denied permission. Gandhi later addressed students from atop the yatra truck near the Assam-Meghalaya border. Alleging that the cancellation was on the instructions of the Union Home Minister.

As the Congress leader navigates through these challenges. The narrative unfolds as a clash between political ideologies and an assertion of power. The yatra. Intended to connect with the people. Is met with resistance. Leaving the citizens of Assam witnessing a political showdown between the Congress and the ruling BJP government. The keyword “Rahul Gandhi’s Yatra Stopped By Cops” encapsulates the essence of the struggle faced by the Congress leader in his journey through the political landscapes of Assam.

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