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Harsha Bhogle, the renowned cricket commentator, has carved a distinctive niche for himself in the world of sports broadcasting. Born on July 19, 1961, in Hyderabad, India, Bhogle’s journey from a young cricket enthusiast to a prominent voice in the cricketing world is nothing short of remarkable.

Early Life and Education:

Harsha Bhogle was born into a Marathi family with a background in academia. His father, Achyut D. Bhogle, was a professor of French, while his mother, Shalini Bhogle, taught psychology. Growing up in Hyderabad, Bhogle attended the prestigious Hyderabad Public School in Begumpet. He later pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from Osmania University’s College of Technology.

Despite his academic pursuits, Bhogle’s passion for cricket was evident from a young age. Alongside his studies, he actively participated in local cricket tournaments and represented the APCA academy in Hyderabad.

harsha bhogle net worth

Career Beginnings:

At the age of 19, Bhogle embarked on his broadcasting journey by joining All India Radio as a cricket commentator. His eloquent commentary and deep understanding of the game quickly caught the attention of cricket enthusiasts nationwide. Bhogle’s career gained further momentum when he secured a position with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in 1991, becoming the first Indian commentator to achieve such a feat.

The Controversy around Harsha Bhogle

IPL terminated the contract with Harsha Bhogle

Harsha has covered all of the headlines for the Indian Premier League out of its debut in 2009, Harsha has established himself as one of the most successful names in the global cricket broadcasting sector over the year. However, he was dismissed from the commentary box in 2016 owing to criticizing of several Indian cricketers during the IPL.

Why did the BCCI dismiss Harsha Bhogle’s IPL 2016 commentating contract?

Harsha Bhogle got into a violent altercation with a Vidarbha Cricket Association official during the opening match of the T20 World Cup between India and New Zealand in Nagpur.

The dispute arose because Harsha Bhogle was denied entrance to the VIP door, which served as a link between both the Hindi and English commentary boxes. As a result, each time Bhogle change the commentary box, he had to ascend the stairwells.

Rise to Prominence:

Bhogle’s stint with ABC paved the way for opportunities with other prestigious networks, including the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC). He became a familiar voice during major cricketing events, such as the Cricket World Cups in 1996 and 1999. Bhogle’s insightful analysis and engaging commentary style endeared him to cricket fans globally.

In 1995, Bhogle joined ESPN, solidifying his status as one of India’s most respected cricket commentators. Over the years, he hosted numerous flagship shows on ESPN and Star Sports, captivating audiences with his in-depth knowledge and infectious enthusiasm for the game.

Personal Life:

Beyond his professional endeavors, Harsha Bhogle leads a fulfilling personal life. He is married to Anita Bhogle, whom he met during their time at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad. The couple shares two children and resides in Mumbai. Anita Bhogle is also actively involved in the business world, serving as the director of content at BizPundits.

Marital Status Married
Affair(s) Not Known
Hobbies Writing Blogs/Articles /Playing Cricket
Family Members
Father Name A.D. Bhogle
Mother Name Shalini Bhogle
Brother Name Srinivas Bhogle
Sister Name Svati Bhogle
Spouse Name Anita Bhogle
Children Chinmay and Satchit

harsha bhogle net worth

Accolades and Achievements:

Throughout his illustrious career, Harsha Bhogle has received widespread recognition and accolades for his contributions to cricket commentary. He has authored several books, including “The Winning Way” co-written with his wife, Anita Bhogle. Bhogle’s insightful writings offer a unique perspective on the intersection of sports and business.

Harsha Bhogle Net Worth:

As of the latest estimates, harsha bhogle net worth is valued at over $25 million (approximately INR 200 crore). His primary sources of income stem from commentary fees for various broadcasters and strategic investments in businesses. Bhogle’s entrepreneurial ventures, including investments in startups like Fantasy Akhada and Bowled.io, have further bolstered his financial standing.

Net Worth $25 Million
Date of Birth 19th July 1961
Place of Birth Hyderabad, India
Profession Indian cricket commentator
Spouse Anita
Children Chinmay and Satchit
Nicknames Bhogle, Harsha, Cibi Harsha
Star Sign Cancer

Legacy and Influence:

Harsha Bhogle’s impact extends far beyond the commentary box. He is regarded as a pioneer in Indian cricket commentary, having paved the way for future generations of broadcasters. Bhogle’s ability to articulate complex cricketing nuances with clarity and precision has earned him a legion of fans worldwide.

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In conclusion, Harsha Bhogle’s journey from a cricket enthusiast to a cricketing icon is a testament to his passion, dedication, and unparalleled talent. His indelible mark on the world of sports broadcasting serves as an inspiration to aspiring commentators and cricket enthusiasts alike. As he continues to enrich the cricketing landscape with his expertise and charisma, Harsha Bhogle remains a towering figure in the realm of sports journalism.

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