Tragic Tale Unfolds: Clever Cab Driver Accused of CEO Son’s Murder

In a chilling turn of events, Suchana Seth, the 39-year-old CEO of Bengaluru-based tech start-up Mindful AI Lab. Stands accused of murdering her four-year-old son during a stay at a service apartment in north Goa’s Candolim. The disturbing incident took place on January 6. And the unfolding story involves a sequence of events that led to the arrest of Suchana Seth. Aided by alert hotel staff, resourceful law enforcement. And a calm-under-pressure cab driver.

The Gruesome Discovery:

Suchana Seth and her son checked into a service apartment in north Goa. Seemingly like any other family looking to enjoy a vacation. However. The situation took a dark turn when Ms. Seth checked out alone just two days later. Carrying a large bag that. Unbeknownst to observers at the time, contained the lifeless body of her young son. The motive behind this heinous act remains unclear. Adding an element of mystery to the tragic tale.

Hotel Staff’s Alertness:

The first link in the chain of events that would lead to Suchana Seth’s arrest was the alertness of the hotel staff at Sol Banyan Grande in North Goa’s Candolim. During routine cleaning, the housekeeping staff discovered red stains in the service apartment that Seth had occupied. Recognizing the potential gravity of the situation, they immediately informed their superiors, who promptly involved the Goa Police.

Clever Cab Driver Accused

Police Action and Communication Tactics:

Upon receiving the information, the Goa Police acted swiftly. They verified the claims. Reviewed CCTV footage from the hotel. And discovered that Suchana Seth had left the premises alone. Despite checking in with her young son. Notably. The hotel staff had recommended she take a flight to Bengaluru. Given the considerable distance, but Ms. Seth insisted on hiring a cab.

The police, faced with the challenge of tracking down the accused and potentially avoiding alerting her, displayed commendable communication tactics. Contacting the cab driver, they spoke to him in Konkani, a language they hoped Ms. Seth did not understand, to discreetly direct him to a police station.

Clever Cab Driver’s Role:

The Clever Cab Driver Accused, a pivotal character in this unfolding drama, displayed remarkable composure and followed the police’s instructions without arousing suspicion. While conversing with him in Konkani, the police asked him to divert the cab to the nearest police station, which happened to be in Karnataka’s Chitradurga district, around 200 km from Bengaluru.

Despite the potentially tense situation, the cab driver navigated the cab to the Aimangla police station as instructed. The police, upon inspecting the vehicle, made the grim discovery – the lifeless body of Suchana Seth’s four-year-old son concealed in the bag.

Unraveling Motives and Relationships:

The motive behind Suchana Seth’s alleged act remains shrouded in mystery. Preliminary investigations suggest that her relationship with her husband, a businessman from Kerala, was strained, with the couple reportedly in the final stages of their divorce. Ms. Seth expressed dissatisfaction with her marital situation, and the ongoing legal proceedings seemed to be a source of distress for her.

While these details offer some insight into the possible motives, law enforcement authorities have emphasized the need for a thorough investigation to verify these claims and unravel the complexities surrounding this tragic incident.

Role of the Court Order:

An intriguing detail in this case is the reference to a court order that seemingly contributed to Suchana Seth’s unhappiness. The nature and specifics of this court order remain undisclosed, adding another layer of intrigue to the unfolding narrative. Investigators will likely delve into legal records and proceedings to better understand the role this court order played in the sequence of events.

Community Collaboration:

The successful resolution of this tragic case highlights the importance of community collaboration. From the vigilant hotel staff who promptly reported their findings to the police. To the resourceful law enforcement officers who employed effective communication tactics. And the calm cab driver who cooperated with the authorities. Each played a vital role in ensuring justice and accountability.


The Clever Cab Driver Accused of CEO Son’s Murder story is one that sends shivers down the spine, revealing the darker side of human nature. As the investigation unfolds, questions linger about the motivations behind this horrific act, and the community awaits answers from the legal proceedings. This heartbreaking tale serves as a stark reminder of the complexities within relationships and the importance of maintaining vigilance within our communities to prevent such tragic incidents.

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